Diamond in the Ruff is a company that was created by golfers who love the game and believe that the sport should be enjoyed by everyone. When you’re on the course you are able to do things that not many other activities can provide. You can build relationships, execute business deals, throw a few back, enjoy the sun, get some exercise and also learn about how you can control – or not – your emotions . Golf can be something that teaches you valuable lessons about yourself that you can use not only while golfing but in everyday life.


In order to bring golf to a new crowd, it starts with apparel. As the game of golf evolves and becomes more popular, we think the clothes should evolve too. So we set out to create a brand that could be worn on and off the course. Something that people feel confident in, something that is comfortable and, of course, something that looks good. Our vision is to allow people to discover golf through our apparel who may not have been interested in the game prior to discovering Diamond in the Ruff. A brand that every person, no matter where you’re from or who you are, can wear with confidence.


Let’s not get confused, though. Just because we created this with the idea of being able to wear this both on and off the course, we created this with GOLF on our minds and we believe that you cannot find anything better to wear on the course than what we have created. Incorporated into every one of our shirts and polos we have implemented a vertical mesh stripe to keep you cool where it matters most. It is a vented section of the shirt that runs down the spine to keep you cool and comfortable the whole round even in warmest of weather. We think that once you try one of our polos with this ventilation system you may never go back to wearing your old, standard, non-breathable, outdated athletic polo. But in order to prove that to you, you will need to try it out for yourself.


We would like to bring a full line of apparel that can be worn everywhere, and by everyone. We have many other designs and a full wardrobe that we would like to bring to light, and we are working tirelessly to do so. By purchasing one of our polos, not only are you going to turn heads, you could help us immensely to fulfill our dream of bringing golf to those who may have never tried it otherwise.  


-The Diamond in the Ruff Team